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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. she was, like, two seconds more would have collapsed inside the house with it. so, yeah, really lucky. >> a homeowner escapes her crumbling house with seconds to spare. this morning, the wet weather has crews on stand by with a live report ahead. new from overnight, a hostage situation ended following a hotel attack overseas. commandos stormed the building taking on al qaeda. e-mail controversy. new information into the bill cosby sexual assault investigation. how a technicality in the case could work in the embattled
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comedian's favor. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm rosemary connors, 6:00, 42 degrees on saturday, and let's get to the weekend weather now with first alert meteorologist, karen thomas. good morning, karen. >> good morning, rosemary and everybody waking up on this little soggy saturday morning. hang on. the showers are moving out quickly. a live look at the philadelphia city skyline across the river, and earlier this morning with this shot, there was rain drops on the camera lens, but that cleared up now. rain is moving out. we stay with the mild temperatures, a little colder to the north and to the west. the upper 30s, but 42 in philadelphia. 42 in atlantic city. almost mid-40s extreme south jersey. the system is moving out, and now you can see delaware, all be dry, and south jersey is dry. we had a shower move through the city an hour ago, but mainly the bulk of the rain is well to the
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north and the heavier rain is moving really off the coast up to new england. this system is just about out of here leaving behind the winds. we have winds out of the northeast right now, but the winds are shifting from the west. not doing too badly, but we expect along the coast anyway for the winds to be picking up. 49-52. we are mild for high temperatures. as i mentioned, we will see peeks of sun later today, but the winds are the story as we get the winds out of the west, 15-25 more than later in the day. peeks of sun before the clouds roll in. after this, though, arctic blast. stick around for those details. overnight rain threatened this partially collapsed home. the house crumbled last night and the homeowner made it out just in time of the neighbors had to evacuate as well. this morning, several families are out of the homes looking for
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a place to stay. drew smith is live in the frankfurt neighborhood to explain what happens next in this case. drew? >> reporter: rosemary, good morning, inspectors nervous about the overnight rain that fortunately stopped because the home is so exposed. check it out. you see right into the first and second floors of this home. the homeowner lived here for nearly two decades, but the home is older and there's been issues of water damage before. it was after 5:00 when she was doing repair work to the windows. cracking noise tipped her off that something was wrong. grabbed the dog and got out with seconds to spare before part of the home collapsed. >> the skreep docreen door clos everything collapsed down and she was outside. the front door right there, next to the window, that collapsed down too. >> and all that debris fell down to the ground. you can see it since stopped
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now. inspectors and police don't want you near that. police have been posted up here most of the morning another guard drove up now and inspectors are back out shortly to take a look at the extent of the damage and what else may have happened with the rain overnight. drew smith, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, overseas in africa, more than 20 people are dead after al qaeda mill tonights stormed an upscale hotel in burkina faso. dozens were held captive and released unharmed. government forces raided the hotel last night using explosives to try to end the seize. people managed to evacuate the hotel and nearby caves before the fires broke out. a local al qaeda group claimed responsibility online for the attack. stay with us for updates on the developing story. back in the area, philadelphia police investigate
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a double shooting in kensington. nbc 10 on scene on a home on somerset street, and both victims are in stable condition. as soon as we have more details, we'll pass them along. >> now to new information on an e-mail controversy that could potentially derail the criminal charge against bill cosby. cnn reports that it's obtained an e-mail from a former attorney, bruce caster. e-mail apparently shows caster telling cosby's lawyers in 2005 that his office would not use cosby's civil deposition against him in any criminal matter. cosby gave the deposition in the civil case of the temple university employee, he's now charged with sexually assaulted. caster is declining to comment. his current district attorney insists that cosby was not granted immunity against prosecution. in delaware county, a man
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accused of sexually abusing an underage relative is now charged with assaulting a reporter. >> nbc 10 was in newtown square last week when the incident happened. the suspect, charles robertson, was leaving court when he shoved members of the media. they say robertson knocked the camera out of the hands of a reporter. meanwhile, robertson faces charges of sexually assault a family member starting when the victim was 13. the national transportation safety board said speeding and not enough warning signs about an approaching curve are likely to blame for this deadly tour bus crash in northern delaware. you may remember the bus crashed and flipped over in september of 2014 in new castle killing three people and injuring dozens of other tourists. the bus driver pled guilty to three misdemeanor counts of operating the vehicle causing death. this morning, an elderly
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woman recovers from a broken ankle after being trapped under a car that crashed right into her kitchen in new castle county. the driver crashed her car into the garage door wednesday morning, lost control, drove through the front yard slamming into her neighbor's house. police cited her for reckless driving. right now, it's 6:07 on saturday, 42 degrees out there. a rough week on wall street. explain how stocks stomaumbled o the record books. plus, taking the plunge. how folks help others by taking a dip today in the icy atlantic.
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waking up this soggy saturday morning, heavy rain
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moving out of here, but we have showers, looking live at the skyline this morning, and looking pretty nice. mild conditions, so there's the good news. readings mainly in the lower to mid 40s, south and east of philadelphia, a little colder the further north and west we go, but temperatures will be bumping up as we move through our saturday. it was a large system, a nor'easter that developed way down to the southeast, moving, barrelling up the coastline and continues to move into new i think lengland, but we are dryig out, winds northeast right now, and we anticipate winds to pick up throughout saturday. peeks of sun too. there's the good news. mild side. 49-52 for highs across the region. get ready, stay tuned, an arctic blast on the way. ready for cold weather, you'll like the zempb day.
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>> not looking forward to that, but thank you, karen. >> today is grin and bear it for a good cause down the shore. good thing it's warmer today. the wildwood are holding the annual polar bear plunge in the icy atlantic to raise money for special olympics. if you're interested, register online or just show up. you can do it onors are invited afternoon at 1:00. to the mountains, a live look at cam camelback mountain resort is preparing for the event for the plunge is in high gear tonight. tonight, there's a dancing and donation event from 4:00 to 8:00 at the thirsty camel pub. money raised goes to the special olympics and ski resort's polar bear plunge team dips in the ocean in seaside heights next month. up next, a local professor weighs in on the birther debate.
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says it's a clear cut case that fall in the candidate's favor. plus, the robertsons, the country's newest millionaires a few hundred times over. what they have planned for their family after winning the power ball jackpot.
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closing bell on wall street ends a tough week for stocks. don't be fooled by the applause. investors lick their wounds through the holiday weekend. stocks with the worst two week start to the year ever. the dow fell 390 points yesterday as the other major indexes took big losses.
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wall street blame factors here and around the world. they chock up it to low oil prices, raising interest rates, and slow growth in china. some investors have the jitters and others are content to ride it out. >> i have to reevaluate, a big crash. >> a long year ahead of us, we'll make out okay. >> only two things i know for sure in the target, and that stocks go up and they do down. >> the markets are closed until tuesday morning because of the martin luther king holiday weekend. we'll see what happens then. decision 2016, a local professor of constitutional law says senator ted cruz is not qualified to run for president. she's not the only one. >> there's a big question mark on your head, and you can't do that to the party. >> donald trump seized the issue on thursday night's gop debate. the u.s. constitution requires the president to be a natural born citizen.
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cruz was born in canada to an american. professor mary mcmahon at delaware law school discussed the matter with msnbc's chris matthews yesterday. >> who's right? is natural born, does it mean what it seems to be, you have to be born here? >> yes, it is. it's a very clear cut question, so when cruz says it's clear cut, he's right. he's wrong as to how it cuts. you have to be born in the united states. >> some other scholars disagree. the constitution also says that the president has to be at least 35 years old and to have live the in the u.s. for at least 14 years. democratic presidential candidates square off in a debate in charleston, south carolina tomorrow night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and o'malley take questions from lester holt. this debate could impact the race, and sanders is draws closer to hillary clinton in the polls right now. the debt before the iowa
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caucuses comes your tomorrow night right here on nbc 10 at 9:00. before that, you'll get a preview of the debate on nbc's "meet the press," and hillary clinton and bernie sanders talk with chuck todd tomorrow morning at 10:30 here on nbc 10. >> this is a place where the united states can make a contribution that exceeds anything we could and will have done so far. biden says research is close to the through, and he was in philadelphia yesterday to launch initiative to break down barriers holding back progress in the fight against cancer. they are backing the initiative, and photos hang on every wall in their home. she was just 16 years old when she died from a rare form of cancer. her family says more funding for
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research is necessary. >> every person you talk to if they don't have it, they know someone who has it. >> we have to pay more attention to it. it's time, finally. >> researchers admit there's not one cure to cancer and battle could take a decade. >> the search continues this morning for 12 marines missing at two military helicopters crashed off the hawaii island. witnesses say yesterday's crash say they were not should have what happens happening seeing a loud boom an a fire ball hurl into the ocean. a fisherman thought it was a meteor falling from the sky. officials ask for people immediately report any sightings of debris from the helicopters. some friends and family of the missing marines are holding out hope for their loved ones. relatives say corporal matthew drawn and ty hark were in the crash. hark was married six months ago. his family is awaiting updates
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about the crash and asking the public for support and also for privacy. >> of course the family is hopeful. talking about marines, so, you know, there's a lot of hope there. >> rough seas hampered search efforts. they are snnot released the cau of the crash that happened in the evening hours. this morning, we are learning about the plans of america's newest multimillionaires. the robertson family of mumford, tennessee holds one of the tickets of the wednesday's $1.6 billion jackpot. they collected their giant check yesterday worth more than $528 million. after taxes are withheld, robertsons get just under $328 million. >> we just wanted a little piece of the pie. now, i'm really grateful that we got the big piece of the pie. >> the main thing is, we always
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say, i want a small piece of the pie. i hope for five number, never the winning numbers, never. >> speaking of numbers, they have to change their number. they will be getting a lot of phone calls over the next couple days. even with all that money, they say they plan to keep their jobs. back to work on monday. two other winning tickets were sold in chino hills, california and melbourne beach, florida. the winners have not come forward yet. all right. a little soggy start to the saturday. roads are wet with that heavy rain that moved through the area overnight, but showers getting out of here early this morning. we'll say good-bye to the storms pulling away, but we are ready for an arctic blast. colder tomorrow, but then really a blast on monday for martin luther king day with the bitter wisconsin as well. fairly mild outside right now. temperature readings in and around the 40s, 42 right now in philadelphia. humidity 89%.
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winds are doing okay out of the northwest at 5. we do expect winds to increase just a bit as we move on through our afternoon. we show you temperatures not doing too badly, close to the mid-40s, especially along the shoreline there. temperatures will stay mild as we move in through our afternoon with peeks of sun expectsed later today. we say good-bye to the rain. at least the bulk of the rain. we do still have residual shower activity left over, some parts of the area, but as we go wide, you see that there is snow in canada, to the north, colder temperatures allow for that, we would have had snow, but temperatures are too warm here in the philadelphia region. you see that the low is way off the coast and now bringing heavy rain to new england. as far as visibilities, well, we're clearing out. north and west harder to see there because of the heavy cloud cover, and as i mentioned, we have leftover showers. what we can expect really in the next hour or so, the majority of
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the system just getting out, and clouds are left behind, but some peeks of sun are expected as we get closer to the evening hours and then overnight clouds move out. clouds come back into the picture sunday with a front bringing in colder air. as we get to monday, we are expecting some cloudy skies, and as i mentioned, really cold air moving through. arctic blast by monday. we have the rain. now we're left with light shower activity, and even that is drying out. mild conditions and a little bit of a windy profile later on this afternoon. 49-52 degrees for high temperatures across the area. we go ahead and show you the seven day forecast. we'll go from a high temperature, possibly in the low 50s at this point to the low 20s. cold through the week, and we'll wrap up with a good possibility of another storm system coming in, and we'll have to wait and
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see what it holds, but we could see snow shower activity by the end of the week. coming up next, runaway robber, what had this guy high tailing it out of the store after allegedly trying to rip off the clerk. plus, silent night. hear, or then again, we won't hear, courtside high school hoops tradition driven by the fans.
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these are the sights and sounds of fun with a purpose in university city. nbc 360 hosts drills and skills at the ronald mcdonald house yesterday teaching kids team work to reverse childhood obesity. silence is golden, especially if it's tradition for a high school basketball team in montgomery county. take a listen or not. >> yeah, man, everyone quiet. last night, the annual silent night game when the students are totally quiet until their team
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scores ten points in the game, and then this happened. [ cheers and applause ] >> the kids dress the in costumes and they were cheering up and down. the player scoring the tenth was matt, and they won 60-52. it's 6:27 on saturday, a crumbling home is on edge this morning following development. drew? >> reporter: roez barely making it out without injury. her story plus what inspectors plan to do today. >> we have wet conditions out there right now starting off your saturday morning so take along the umbrella if you're out there now, but you adopt need it
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later on today. skies will be clearing, winds picking up as well. we've got details to give you about an arctic blast. flr
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. i looked out the window, there was a big hole in the main wall, and i kouchbt believe it. >> neighbors stunned after a woman makes it out of a crumbing home in the nick of time. we are following overnight developments. >> well, we are drying out after a night of rain. we are in for a mild day, and right now, it's 42 degrees, warmer than that as hours go on. some spots, though, have to deal with a little of wind. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, and it's 6:30 on saturday. let's get to the weekend weather now with our first alert meteorologist. i'll take the rain and warm weather any day, karen. >> that's what i thought as i got up early this morning. just a light shower coming down,
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well, at least it's not 2 degrees. i do know some folks are waiting on snow. when is the snow coming, right? well, right now, good bye to showers and heavy through overn. now hello to a wind pickup that continues through the afternoon, but all in all, not too bad. we have cloud cover for. clouds with us. we are expecting some peeks of sunshine. above average in the area of temperatures. colder north and west, but not too bad, 42 in philadelphia, and numbers pick up as we move through saturday. the bulk of the system up in new england now, bringing heavy rain in parts of massachusetts, but for us, light shower activity, the back end of the system pushing northeast. so, really, no big issues as i mentioned, just over the next
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two hours or so. we could see light shower activity. winds right now, not doing bad, but they could be picking up throughout the day. crews will determine if this home needs to be torn down after partially collapsing yesterday, and the overnight rain may have made the damage worse. drew smith is live in philadelphia neighborhood to show us more of what it looks like today, hey, drew. >> hey, rosemary, overnight, the front wall is gone, and police are watching it, making sure nothing else falls from the home. there's a fence surrounding it so that people are not near it because there is a danger out here. this began last night when the homeowner was making repairs, filling in spaces around the windows with foam. she was up on a ladder at one point, but she told us she heard a cracking and ran for her dog
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and that she rap for her life to get out of her home before it collapsed. several neighbors had to find a new place to the night. they call it a frustrating situation, but they are glad no one was hurt. >> grateful the lady was okay. she would have been hurt as she was a split second leap from the house. when she closed the door, the it collapsed. crazy. >> reporter: confirmed with the american red cross they are assisting several of the neighbors who were displaced last night. five people they are helping with a place to with clothes and supplies because they have not got back into their homes. inspectors back out here today to look at the home and see if they need demolish it. >> thank you, drew. now from the jersey shore bureau, a woman involved in the deadly crash in 2014 will time in prison. that crash killed two, including
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a 4-year-old boy. she was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday pleading guilty to drunk driving in the crash in hamilton township. her daughter-in-law is suing the casino claiming they kicked her out of the of the hotel with nowhere to go after serving her the alcohol. this week, detectives recovered $140,000 worth of crack and powder cocaine as an ongoing investigation and arrested nine men and a woman on drugs and weapons charges. police say the arrests were part of a larger investigation into activities of mes of a street gang. tuesday, philadelphia inspects and repairs all boilers in city schools following an accident earlier this week. members of the union rallied
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in district headquarters yesterday saying violations and lack of staff put safety in jeopardy. the mayor met with the union members talking about the upcoming inspection plans. you know, this is an opportunity, an example how everyone can work together to address a problem that's lcleary there. >> a school mechanic in critical condition from wednesday's boiler explosion frank llin's elementary school. that accident remains under investigation. in south jersey, a would-be robber picked the wrong store in salem county. look at the video from thursday afternoon. the robber pulled a knife when the store owner pulled out a baseball bat. the robber took off running. bryceland turned himself in yesterday morning. right now, he's facing a number of charges. if you're trying to get away
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from the wet weather this morning and cloudy skies later on, philadelphia home and garden show gives you a taste of spring and warmer weather. inside the expo center at oaks, tour the new smart home and meet the stars from your favorite hgtv shows and check out the latest in home trends, backyards, decks, and landscaping. the show runs all weekend long. or if you're in for a drive, head to harrisburg. it's the last day of the pennsylvania farm show. the farm show is the nation's largest indoor agricultural event. it's a done deal. the $23 million sale that sold showboat to a developer finalized yesterday. the owner still has not decided if he'll reopen the showboat as a casino. as for the future of atlantic city, emergency manager says
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more spending cuts are need the, but not recommending bankruptcy. he calls for budget cuts and consolidating city government and suggested regionalizing the police force and turning the fire department over to a private operator. they appointed one last year to guide the city through the financial crisis. his term ended yesterday. next, money to burn. the latest isis target for u.s. bombers to hit the militants' cash flow to the tune of millions. i'm george spencer. sunday morning, we discuss the late rock star, david bowie's, connection to philly, and a bold plan to help a city move forward. >> i promise to reduce crime by 50%. >> coming up sunday morning following "meet the press" only on nbc 10. flr
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good saturday morning to you, yes, hours ago, umbrellas were necessary, not so much right now. this is the city sky scape with the camera, looking nice out there. clouds still with us, but temperatures on the mild side, above average anyway. 42 in philadelphia, 42 in atlantic city, and temperatures ticking upwards, colder north and west at this hour. we say good-bye to the heavy rain that moved through the area overnight, due to a strong coast tallow that really just really barrelled up the shoreline and is now bringing a lot of weather to any england, but for us, it's pretty well dispated, just a few showers out there, but even that is pushing through the area over the next couple of hours.
6:41 am
we are looking for drying this afternoon. rain, showers, and mild conditions. rain picks up throughout the day, especially along the shoer line. that low pulls from the coast, and that picks up winds, and a small craft add rise ri down in the shore, but temperatures in the region, not too bad. 49-a 52 degrees. >> thank you so much. next, breaking down the first big coaching hire. what former eagles' facebook nabb says about the dpeterson move. plus, screech is serving time. how long the actor will be behind bars. ♪
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investigators don't know what caused the fire that ripped through four row homes in burlington city yesterday morning. four people were injured including two children investigators tell us they believe the fire started on the upper floors. the intensity of the flames and smoke forced a nearby elementary school to close for the day. >> this morning, the search continues for a who hit a man in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood and took off. they found the victim in the road early yesterday morning and found broken car parts nearby. the victim is currently in critical condition, and investigators hope that some surveillance cameras in the neighborhood help find the driver. polls closed in taiwan's presidential election, and voters expected to legislate the leader from the pro-independence party, taking power away from the china's nationalist party.
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that change in power comes amid concerns that the island's economy is under threat from china. the official results of the election still are not in yet. so this video right here, you're looking at a u.s. air strike that blew up an isis bankroll. the defense department released this video says 14 shows the bombing of the isis cash distribution center in mosul, iraq. clouds of paper floating above the sight. according to officials, millions of dollars in cash destroyed. rite now, the u.s. is conducting air strikes on stockpiles and oil resources to weaken isis financially. today, secretary of state john kerry meets are iran's foreign minister on the international nuclear deal. officials are expected to confirm that iran fail scaled back its atomic activities. if that's verified, the u.s. and other countries could list sanctions that would free billions of dollars in iranian assets. back here in the u.s., the
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federal judge rejected boston marathon bomber's bid for a new trial. the judge has also ordered him to pay more than 100 million in restitution to the victims. the order is largely symbolic since he's in federal prison and has no ability to pay it. he was convicted and sentenced to death in 2013 attack. the bomb killed three and injured more than 260 others. he was also convicted of killing a police officer days later. police in our area have a warning for you. a fake inspector is telling people in north philly that their homes are going to be demolished. according to investigators, the man wears a reflective vest and yellow hard hat and told three homeowners he's with the city licenses and inspections division. the man has not taken anything from the homeowners and motives unclear, but police want you to be on the lookout. the actor who played screech
6:47 am
on "saved by the bell" is serving his sentence for a bar fight. he reported to jail in wisconsin yesterday. he's convicted last june of disorderly conduct in carrying a concealed weapon. diamond said he was protecting his girlfriend during the fight. he'll serve his four month jail sentence with work release. now your first alert weather. >> okay. waking up to a soggy start out there, but the bulk of the rain has really moved out. so the storm is pulling way off the coast, and we are looking for drying conditions. that's good news as we move on through our saturday afternoon. get ready for the arctic blast. much colder air poised and ready to move in along with bitter winds. colder sunday, but really cold come martin luther king monday for sure. 42 in philadelphia right now. winds northwest at 5, and so we are expecting a wind gust count as we move through our saturday
6:48 am
afternoon. peeks of sun and temperatures stay above average, in fact, these numbers are expected to be picking upwards as we move on through, so lower 40s now. looking for upper 40s closer to 50 as we move through saturday, but i wanted to show you this. yesterday's high temperature in philadelphia, 53 degrees, above average of 40, and today, 52, look at the sunday and our monday. looks like it's going straight down. we say good-bye to the rain, a few residual showers on the back end of the system as it moves out, and here's a wider view. look at the snow falling in toronto and north of canada because the rainmaker, but the colder temperatures up to the north. for us, all rain for sure as we are above average for our temperature reading. the bulk of the rain now, that coast tallow pushing in new england and massachusetts is getting rain. what to expect throughout the weekend? well, a little bit of clearing
6:49 am
sky. there is good news, peeks of sun, but clouds move, and we have another cold front move in for tomorrow as we wake up tomorrow morning, and clouds coming back into the picture here, and for our midday on sunday, but then, again, clearing out. we could see a snow flurry or snow shower late tomorrow afternoon. today, mild, but we anticipate the winds to be picking up a little bit as that coast tallow really just rushes off the coast up to the northeast. gusts along the shoreline could be fairly intense as we move through our afternoon. 52 for a high temperature. peeks of sunshine coming back into the picture as we say good-bye to the system. tomorrow, colder, 39 degrees, and closer to our average high temperature this time of year, and then look at monday, yes, indeed, throw another blanket on
6:50 am
the bed for sure, 29 for a high temperature with the winds. we are anticipating a wind chill factored into the forecast for monday. overnight lows in the teens. tuesday even colder. towards the end of the week, another storm system, could bring us snows. we'll watch the warm weather and enjoy it while it lasts. thanks. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show who are live in new york. hey, guys. >> hey, rosemary, good morning. ahead here on saturday morning on "today," talking politics for the race that no one predicted, trump and cruz and hillary clinton is facing sanders. >> ahead this morning, everything you need to know about what to do with your money after a very rough week on wall street. we have tips for you. plus, we got to go along for the ride with the tennessee couple revealing right here on "today" they won the power ball. we went home with them to collect that huge prize.
6:51 am
>> they did not share. we can tell you that. big changes in store for "sesame street," ernie and abbey are here to talk about the new neighborhood. >> all of that and more when we start here on saturday morning here on "today." >> looking forward to it. see you at 7:00. >> see you in a bit, rosemary. good morning, i'm danny pommels. doug peterson could be the next head coach, eagles do not make it official until they are done in the playoffs. battling in foxboro. peterson brought in to lead the starting qb and mentor mcnabb. we spoke with mcnabb by phone about the impending hire. >> this is the next step for him. is it the right move? we will not know. i think it a lot of people are trying to figure out the
6:52 am
answers, which is baffling to me, this whole process of the coaching arena, who is going to be the interview, who is coming in, who was going to be offered a job. for doug and his fame, they are very excited for them. it will be a big support for whoever is the quarterback in the eagles, they will benefit like i did. >> the last three seasons in the land of tasty barbecue, kansas city, as reid's offensive coordinator, and before that, assistant, and they are asked what they think of the hire. >> he's fairings but he's going to run a shift, when i had time to think about him coming in, that's the same type of mentality big red had but had his own flair and want the team to be tough and tough and ready. >> take in this sight. this is first appearance in 49er
6:53 am
gear. this is video from the website, jim talking with the owners while taking a tour of the team's facility acquainted with the new workplace and he'll be introduced next week. the ice now, fliers with a big game in prompt of them with the rangers in south philly. the defenseman hope to be ready for the game. nice slap shot there, practice on friday, and expected to be in the lineup after missing two games with a lower body injury. he knows just how big this game is. >> huge two points for us, i mean, going for the streak here, so that's important to us too, and we're not going to worry about anyone else. just worry about us. get it done. i feel great like i'm ready to go out there, and, whatever happens happens. >> that was the look at sports, i'm danny pommels from comcast sports net.
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breaking news in southwest philadelphia. we are on the scene of an apparent barricade situation. this is a live look. 49th and chestnut streets. police are there, hotting the area. we know a man barricade himself inside a home. we are gathering information,
6:57 am
and we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning on air and online. colombia! i will take responsibility for this. >> you can't stop watching this. steve harvey sat down to interview ms. colombia, the pageant contestant who harvey mistakingly gave the crown to last month. harvey asked her for forgiveness and received death threats over flub. i'm sure she forgave him. the interview airs tuesday afternoon at 2:00 here on nbc 10. that's all for us on this saturday morning. for karen thomas and me and everybody here at nbc 10, have a good one. see you back here at 8:30 this morning.
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good morning. breaking overnight. terror attack. islamic militants tied to al qaeda storm a hotel. hostages held for hours. at least 23 people killed, 126 others just rescued. we are live with the overnight developments. heating up. tempers flair on the campaign trail. donald trump and ted cruz not backing down from the insults against each other as hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare for the debate in their neck and neck race. murder mystery. an american woman killed on vacation in


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